Sightings Report September 30

September 30, 2014

Today really made me realize how spoiled we’ve been lately. I haven’t been on the boat during rough weather in what feels like months (though it’s probably more like weeks), but today the ocean reminded us that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Conditions weren’t rough enough to keep us off the water, and the sunshine and whales made for a beautiful morning, it just took a little bit of bumping to get to the whales and back.

So, these whales! We had three species on the books today, including both species of dolphin! That’s right, the rare and little known Pacific white-sided dolphins are back! Or rather, they’ve been sticking around for last couple of weeks!

You’ve been hearing us freaking out about these guys for a while, but trust me, they’re unusual enough that we’re not the only ones. Check out the following links for news reports, photos and videos!

The Province, Global NewsCBCSeattle Pi

Mark was the first out today at 10am on his favourite zodiac The Queen of Hearts, with Rush following on Her Majesty at 11am and Ocean Magic II crewed by JeffmyselfClaire, and Matt at 12:15pm.

We all went straight for the killer whales reported over by San Juan Island to start. Ocean Magic II caught up with J pod as we saw Blackberry (J27) and his family though there were other big males around as well. Then it was on to a humpback whale just further north!

And finally, the dolphins. We knew it would be a rough ride to get to them; the wind was building and they were in the middle of the strait, which means it’s completely unsheltered. But we thought it would be worth it…

And boy was it ever! We had maybe 100 dolphins feeding in a mad frenzy! As the dolphins flew through the water you could spot fish desperately leaping up in a fruitless attempt to get away, only to be scooped up by one of the hundreds of birds following the pod closely. As soon as we approached the pod they made a beeline straight for us and began bow-riding immediately, periodically returning to their meal. Apparently they’re just so good at hunting they can have play time whenever they want!

It’s funny, as soon as the dolphins came out, everyone forgot it was rough! Wildlife trumps conditions every time.

These guys look like they’re sticking around, but who knows for how long. Book your trip on the zodiacs or Ocean Magic II today!

By Jennifer Dickson