Sightings Report September 4

September 4, 2014

I love my job. But days like today make me surprised that I get paid. Incredible.

More eerily flat calm conditions permeated the straits today, which makes spotting much easier. Plus summer is making a comeback, with sunshine forecast for the next week solid!

It was Gavin, Sandy, and Wilma who brought Ocean Magic over on the Ultimate Day Tour this morning. As they transited Georgia Strait passengers were lucky enough to site some elusive harbour porpoise, and again in Boundary Pass! They also spotted harbour seals at East Point, where they haul out on some rocks off of Saturna Island. The spot is called boiling reef because the water is constant churning!

Then it was on to the whales! The same two humpbacks we saw yesterday, hanging in abour the same spot in the Juan de Fuca Strait. It was Split Fluke and the newcomer, temporarily known as MMY0028. Just rolls off the tongue eh?

Starting in Victoria we got to sleep in a little this morning, with our first trip out at 11am. We decided it’s only fair to let some of the other companies try their hand at finding whales! 😉 Mark was number one as usual, followed by Rush, Matt W., Bo, and Torin. These guys investigated reports of transient killer whales spotted off the waterfront earlier this morning, but subsequently lost.

Leave it to us, after a quick jaunt out west we immediately reacquired a large group of transients! Ocean Magic II left the dock at 12:15pm sporting a crew of Captain Jeff, Frist Mate Jen, and Naturalists Tom and Rowan. We went straight for the T’s and good thing we did!

What followed was one of the most spectacular transient displays I’ve ever witnessed. We had a record breaking FIVE BREACHES out of one whale! Any time a whale breaches, we consider ourselves lucky to witness it, but when a transient does it, we thank the whale gods! And 5 times in a row? That’s just unheard of!

After being blown away by killer whales it was off to see Harry Otter, cute as can be, curled up in his kelp bed; and then Race Rocks for Pacific harbour seals, California sea lions, and Steller sea lions. Than time for one more stop to see the humpbacks! I think that might be a record for number of species spotted on one trip… Six!

There’s still some boats on the water, but I have no doubt they’re all going to return with ecstatic passengers, and even more stoked skippers.

Wanna see what we get tomorrow? Ocean Magic at 12:15pm and 3:30, zodiacs hourly on demand, and Whales & Gardens at 1:45pm.

By Jennifer Dickson