Sightings Report September 8

September 8, 2014

Residents and transients and humpbacks, oh my!

We started out the morning with our residents taking off to the west. Mark caught up with L-pod as they were leaving on his first trip, but luckily we picked up some transients later in the day, so it was killer whales all around!

Ocean Magic had a lovely crossing from Vancouver spying three bald eagles and lots of harbour seals near Saturna Island. AnthonyBrittany, and Laurenne also found some frolicking harbour porpoise in the area! This is not a word I would normally use to describe harbour porpoise, so it must have been cool to witness.

Ocean Magic II was out at 12:15pm and 3:30pm (which will be our standard schedule from now until the end of October). Aboard we had ScottmyselfTom and Claire, and we went straight for those transient killer whales! They were super close by, just a few miles off Trial Island, which gave us lots of time to have a great look at what can sometimes be elusive mammals.

Ocean Magic noted that they were likely hunting, observing spy hoppingfast swimming, and the juveniles’ porpoising! The group was identified as the T060’s. The mother, T060, and her four kids, T060C, D, E, and F. They are easily identifiable because of a nick on T060C’s fin. Check out the photo above to see for yourself!

With the whales so close by we had plenty of opportunity to look for other animals, and we found some! Up by Henry Island we had a quick look at two humpbacks!

The wind continued to build throughout the day, making the later trips wet and wild, but whales are what matter, and we had lots of those!

Lots more to see out there tomorrow, come see for yourself!

By Jennifer Dickson