Sightings Summary Jan 27th- Feb 4th

February 5, 2015

Hello! Claire Butterfield here. I am filling in for our wonderful blogger Jen Dickson today, as she has gone to see wildlife in a number of tropical places for the next two months. However, do not fear; she will be back in full force come April 4th (which, oddly enough, is the first day that our darling Ocean Magic II will be back in service out of Victoria. You can probably guess where you will find her…). We are wishing her safe happy travels!!

Now, for an update on the last few trips:

Matt Whelan (fondly known as “Geronimo” in the whale watching industry) took an excited bunch of passengers out on Friday in search of the Humpback Whales seen on the trip before, but they seemed to have decided to find lunch elsewhere that day! The passengers still got a wonderful marine wildlife experience, as Race Rocks was absolutely FULL of Seals and Sea Lions. Because we now offer a year-round “no whale guarantee”, some of the passengers were able to come out with us the next day. To their delight, members of J-Pod made an appearance at Otter Point during the trip, which is always a wonderful and rewarding encounter at this time of year. There were 12 individuals in the group, meaning that the other half of the pod, including the new calf (J50), were likely feeding elsewhere. The whales were playful and happy, making for a fantastic viewing experience. After visiting the Seals and Sea Lions at Race Rocks, the boat conquered rough seas on the way home, to be met by hot chocolate upon arrival.

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