Sightings Summary Nov 26th-Dec 3rd

December 4, 2014

So I got very excited last week (it happens a lot when it comes to whales and me, I think I’m in the right line of work).

I just had to tell you guys about the SUPER POD!

Last Wednesday, November 26th, Skipper Mark took a zodiac of excited passengers out into the middle of nowhere.

Not actually, but the whale reports did come from kind of a random spot, in the middle of no man’s land south of Discovery Island. Despite the unusualness of the report, Mark went to check it out.

And not only did he find killer whales, he found ALL the killer whales! Every member of the southern residents, forming a Super Pod. When the whole gang gets together, things tend to get crazy, and in addition to high energy behaviour like breachingand tail slapping, guests were actually able hear the whales vocalizing.

Every once and a while, when conditions areperfect, the sounds from vocalizing whalesreverberate up through the hull of a boat to becomeaudible above the surface. It’s an eerie andmagical experience that I personally have only ever had twice…in four years!


In addition, Mark captured a spectacular photo of a breach from the encounter. Check it out on Facebook or Twitter!

The next day, the orcas returned to Puget Sound. They tend to spend quite a bit of time in there in late fall, early winter. After around January they will move off-shore and likely not return until April. That doesn’t mean there aren’t killer whales around though, this has been a record setting year for transients! Let’s see how many visit us in the New Year!

On Thursday November 27th, Mark went out to find what have to be the two tardiest humpbacks in the North Pacific! These guys should be making their migration to warmers waters already, but lucky for us, some lazy ones are still sticking around.

Passengers were thrilled to witness these behemoth mammals near Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, which of course means tons of California sea lions,Steller sea lions, harbour seals, and the occasional Northern Elephant seal.

We’re officially in to December, and will likely be putting a trip together today (call the office for more information). So bundle up and get down here. It’s an experience you’ll never forget!

By Jennifer Dickson