New Distance Guidelines for Whale Watching

Education, Exploration

At Prince of Whales Whale Watching, what motivated the inception of our journey–and what continues to guide us every day–is a sense of responsibility for where we live, including the wildlife we encounter on every tour. From North Pacific seabirds to island-dwelling deer, ocean-bathing sea lions, and our majestic cetaceans, nothing incites more passion for environmental concern. Understandably, we want to do everything we can to assure these animals are able to enjoy the place they call home.

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Ocean Magic Adventure Oct 13 12:15


Every trip out there is unique. Today, I was able to encounter a few things I have never encountered in all the years I have been whale watching. To start out, the weather was perfect, blue skies, warm, flat calm seas – just like glass. We eagerly headed out of the inner harbour to look… Read more »

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