Telegraph Cove Welcomes Prince of Whales

July 3, 2019

Telegraph Cove Resort, a picturesque destination on the northeast coast of Vancouver Island, has teamed up with Prince of Whales Whale & Marine Wildlife Adventures to enhance marine wildlife habitat and research while providing greater opportunities for outstanding eco-tourism.

Resort owners Gordie and Marilyn Graham have welcomed one of the province’s largest and most-respected whale watching and eco-adventure companies to their recreational seaside haven.

“I’ve always been impressed by the Prince of Whales’ work in marine conservation and academic research,” Gordie said. “Their principled approach dovetails perfectly with our continuing efforts to protect marine wildlife while delighting and educating visitors with awe-inspiring experiences in nature.”

The Grahams established a campground and marina at Telegraph Cove in 1979, drawing enthusiasts to the great recreational ocean fishing. Over the last 40 years, their work restoring original buildings for tourist accommodation has brought life back to the former sawmill town. Today, the resort, which can accommodate up to 500 guests, also includes a restaurant and pub, general store, small hotel and Telegraph Cove’s Whale Interpretative Centre. One of the last boardwalk settlements left on Vancouver Island, Telegraph Cove attracts thousands of whale watchers, fishermen, boaters, campers and kayakers every year.

As well as building a tourist mecca, 210 km northwest of Campbell River, the Grahams have invested in marine life protection and education, donating more than $150,000 to salmon enhancement projects.

“It’s that commitment to the Northern Vancouver Island resident killer whale population that makes Telegraph Cove Resort a perfect match for us,” said Alan McGillivray, owner of Prince of Whales. “Working together, we can invest in even more leading-edge research, education and salmon enhancement.”

Passengers are now able to experience marine nature aboard one of the Prince of Whales’ environmentally-friendly vessels, including the 74-passenger Ocean Magic fleet, which are equipped with some of the quietest, low emission propulsion systems in the industry. It promises a quieter experience for whales, guests and local residents. Passengers can also explore the beauty of Telegraph Cove aboard our 12-passenger adrenaline-pumping Zodiac vessel!

Prince of Whales recently committed $1 million over five years to orca-based science programs and chinook salmon recovery projects in British Columbia. The investment will come from a $5-per-passenger ecological surcharge. The surcharge collected at Telegraph Cove will stay in the community.

The partnership marks an important milestone on the 40th anniversary of their resort, the Grahams said. “We believe this team effort will support the health and sustainability of marine wildlife in Telegraph Cove for generations to come.”

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