Wanderlust & Lipstick

September 2, 2011

We were recently featured on a fantastic travel blog called Wanderlust & Lipstick, here’s a sample!

Ah, that was a funny joke. Yep, a really good one. Wheeeew…. One second of silence: the person to your left sighs. Two seconds of silence: “yep,” the person to your right mumbles. Three seconds of silence: oh no, it’s happening. Four seconds: no. No one needs to say anything. Silence is natural. I’m comfortable with this. Five seconds: okay, someone needs to say something. Six seconds: “awwwkward,” someone blurts. Seven seconds: come on, why did they have to say that? Eight seconds: standing on tiptoes, smiling at the ground, shuffling through bag. Nine seconds: Semi-related story? Tomorrow’s weather report? Oddly colored mole? Nope. Nothing. Ten seconds: “Well, I should get going,” says everyone at once. Prince of Whale Tour BoatsFor moments like these, it’s always helpful to have a few fun facts up your social sleeve; and thanks to Prince of Whales – the largest, safest, and most environmentally sustainable whale watching and eco-adventure company in both Victoria and Vancouver – my latest conversational go-to has revolved almost entirely around large aquatic mammals. In mid-July, I had the great pleasure of joining the Prince of Whales’ Ocean Magic Cruiser Tour. Complete with an outdoor deck and an indoor heated cabin, the boat ripped out of Victoria’s Inner Harbour and cruised all the way to the San Juan Islands in search of Southern Resident and Transient Orca whales. Within minutes of idling, fins were breaking the surface left and right…

Check out the rest of the article here – as well as the rest of the blog – it’s living up to it’s name & giving me a serious case of Wanderlust!