Ocean Magic Adventure Sept 22 12:15

September 22, 2010

Wildlife Adventure Sept. 22 12.15pm

With an unusual number of grey days for this Sept, it was a welcome change to see the sun once again. The guests on board the 12.15pm ‘Pacific Explorer ‘, were in for a real treat. It had been reported that a ‘Superpod ‘ was off the Victoria waterfront and had been seen during an earlier trip. We headed east toward San Juan Island where many members of all three pods, J, K and L were traveling together.These fish eating Orca are known to frequent the west side of San Juan Island throughout the summer months. We encountered a number of Pacific White-sided Dolphins on our way to the Southern Resident Orca. A most unusual sighting.They were traveling swiftly and following the Orca. As more whales met up with other members of the community, there was great celebration with enthusiastic behaviours of Spyhops, Breaches, and Tail- lobs. We caught sight of the newest member of L Pod, a tiny active, orange tinged calf, born in August. Its mother, L 47, ‘ Marina ‘ was seen very close by . The Orca seemed very energetic and in high spirits as they mingled together. It was a rare opportunity for those on board to see these magnificent creatures. A beautiful looking,Canadian yacht was seen on our return trip as well as a’ Prince of Whales ‘ Zodiac leaving the harbour. It was a fabulous wildlife adventure once again.
Marie, Orca-Magic.