Winter Wildlife Adventure Tour Jan 3

January 3, 2011

And what an exquisite day to start 2011 off with. Our three hour wildlife adventure took us just south of Victoria. The weather gave us great conditions with flat calm water and plenty of sunshine. It even felt relatively warm simply because there was no wind for a change.! Our skipper ‘Rush’ headed us south of the harbour in search of Orca. A report had just come in to say Orca had been sighted off the westcoast at Sooke much earlier and they were inbound. Great excitement was anticipated by our international visitors, from Hawaii, Germany and Brazil. It wasn’t long before we could see the black dorsal fins rising from the surface in the distance with their misty exhalations, ‘blows’. It seemed there were whales spread right across the Strait of Juan de Fuca. As far as the eye could see in these ideal conditions, there were whales. They were busy foraging, chasing after Salmon, and changing direction all the time. One never knew where they would pop up. J2, ‘Granny ‘ the oldest female of the Southern Resident clan of fish eating Orca, and J8, ‘Spieden’, were traveling together and churning the water as they porpoised after fish. Granny is 100 yrs old this year. Other members of J Pod and K Pod were seen along with L87, a young male, who likes to travel with this group, keeping close proximity to the older females. Youngsters were chasing one another, while others floated along on their backs embracing the moment it seemed. Eventually they headed slowly off to the east and some seemed to be heading south east. Mt. Baker looked wonderful as the backdrop for this amazing encounter. Our guests were enthralled with this once in a life time spectacle. One thing about ‘ORCA’, they will always surprise us!
Marie, Orca-Magic.