Zodiac Adventure Oct 19 2pm

October 19, 2010

Well today we set out at 2 pm on a Zodiac Adventure – it was a perfect day once again! Today I was operating 3 different video cameras; a new GoPro HD video camera (wide angle view), and my two other usual HD video cameras hence all the video clips today. I was testing out the new camera and I just love it. So we went in search of 2 transient orcas named T20 & T21 who is a mother and son pair. He is easy to identify because of the notch in his dorsal fin. The conditions were superb so it was an awesome and refreshing 1 hour ride – we ended up very close to Sidney (Stuart Island) where the pair were seen traveling together. They were not doing anything else behavior wise however their blows created these magical suspended like mists in the distance. After observing them we headed down into Haro Strait where we encountered a couple of Dalls porpoise who swam along side of us for a time being. It was a great photographic opportunity with the new camera which is a 170 degrees fish eye point of view. On our way home we stopped in a kelp bed in front of Discovery Island and I submerged my camera underwater and tested out my new float cam which is my new GoPro camera mounted to the underside of a child’s boogie board. Very beautiful results. See that video below. I hope we get many more days like this so I can throw that camera overboard again!