Zodiac Wildlife Adventure, 1pm Zodiac, March 28th

April 1, 2011

Our weather continues misty and overcast, hardly Spring like, however, warmer and sunnier days are on their way! Even when the skies threaten rain, we head out in one of our yellow Zodiacs in search of wildlife. There is always something interesting to find. With Skipper Mark at the controls of the 1pm zodiac, and a full boat load of guests from New Zealand, Britain, Calgary and Edmonton, we headed south from the harbour in search or Orca. Although some had been seen from shore earlier in the day we were unable to locate this group, so headed north up Haro Strait in search of Transient Killer Whales that had been reported. We came upon these ‘ WILD’ stealth hunters, marine mammal hunters, traveling fast, in the choppy water, toward Active Pass. Two or three females were porpoising and creating lots of white water. We observed that a tiny orca was among the group as well as a young juvenile.Young orca are always a big hit with our guests. Two tall dorsal fins foraging off by themselves indicated that the males were busy chasing their favourite food, Harbour Seals. All too soon, these magnificent animals headed into Active Pass under the watchful eye of three Steller Sea Lions that were lounging in shallow water at Helen Point. The Orca ignored them. We headed back to Victoria and the harbour, where several float-planes were taking off and landing. Our guests had a special encounter this afternoon with those charismatic Transient Killer Whales, the T100’S, T101’s and T102 .
Marie, ‘ Orca-Magic ‘.
Please note, all of the photographs are taken with telephoto lenses and are heavily cropped.