Zodiac Wildlife Adventure April 18 2011

April 19, 2011

Our guests from England, Oklahoma, Ottawa and Victoria were given a glimpse into the best that the west coast has to offer on this sunny afternoon in April. The 2pm zodiac with skipper Mark ‘Mallard ‘at the controls headed us due south east to where Transient Orca were reported. The ocean was flat calm, and the sunshine bathed this picturesque coastal region so we could view the Olympic mountains and the Canadian and USA islands. When conditions are right and the sun shines, all is perfect for spotting wildlife. Our keen eyed skipper soon located the marine mammal eating Killer Whales, ‘Orca ‘ off the south end of Hein Bank. This group consisted of 8-9 whales, the T49’s and the T75’s. They were very active and foraging for their main prey item, the Harbour Seal, which is an abundant species in these waters. There appeared to be two very young baby Orca within this group, as they were still quite peach coloured where it should be white patches on their bodies. We watched these stealth hunters, mothers with their babies, churning the water while chasing their prey. It was an awesome encounter and soon we saw the clean up gulls, flock in to snatch up what they could from the successful hunt. Nature can be cruel at times, but to watch and admire these stealth, apex hunters is a real privilege. Our trip was soon over so we headed back to Victoria enjoying the scenic beauty before us and some of the sea birds, Rhinoceros Auklets and Common Murres. This was one of those trips never to be forgotten, with those mysterious mammals that frequent these waters, especially at this time of year.
Marie, Orca-Magic.