Zodiac Wildlife Adventure Nov 7 12

November 7, 2010

Today, Sunday was one of those afternoons when everything magical occurred. With a rather stormy set of clouds above, our 12 noon yellow Zodiac left the harbour. The calm sea however, gave incredible visibility for spotting wildlife. Our seasoned and knowledgeable skipper ‘Mark’, headed south where he had seen some misty blows on the horizon. 5 miles south of Victoria we caught up with three Humpback whales, a mother and her calf and a new whale to this area that appeared to have a fairly fresh tear in its Fluke. We watched these incredibly, graceful whales foraging in these productive waters. Ten years ago there were no humpbacks seen in these inland waters, so it is wonderful to see them return year after year. Our skipper then took us deeper into the south west looking for Orca, Transient killer whales. We found a family of River Otters rushing up a rocky bank and Harbour Seals resting along the shores of the picturesque rugged coastline of Vancouver Island. A stop at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve gave us great looks at a Brown Pelican, a rarity for this area. Steller Sea Lions, and three Elephant Seals were also seen. Just as we were leaving our keen-eyed Skipper saw more misty blows south of Race Rocks. We spent time with these two Transient killer whales, identified at T 87, a male and T88 a female. It was fortuitous to see two different kinds of whale for our guests from Brazil, Alberta and Victoria. If that wasn’t enough we had a beautiful rainbow to top it all off. There were plenty of Common Murres and many flying Ancient Murrelets, migrating through. November brings many surprises. We were so privileged today to see so much incredible wildlife and dynamic scenery from a ‘ Prince of Whales ‘ zodiac.
Marie, Orca-Magic