Zodiac Wildlife Adventure Sept 25 4pm

September 25, 2010

It was a calm and sunny late afternoon when Skipper James headed the 4pm Zodiac out of the harbour and toward the east where Southern Resident Orca were reported. We found members of L Pod traveling slowly toward the shoreline of San Juan Island. They were in a resting formation. We saw the L2 family group with mom, L 2 ‘Grace ‘and her two sons L 78, ‘Gaia ‘ and L 88, ‘Wave Walker’. It appeared that K 40,’ Raggedy ‘and K 21, ‘ Cappuccino ‘ were again spending time with the L’s. We watched these magnificent Orca for a while then turned west and headed for two Humpbacks, a mother and her calf, that were south of Race Rocks. Another Humpback whale, one called ‘Split-fin ‘was also in the vicinity. This whale, with a distinct dorsal fin, has been seen each year for the past three years on its way through this area before migrating to warmer waters either in Hawaii or Mexico for the winter months. It was amazing to see these huge whales lift their flukes before taking a deep dive. All too soon our wildlife trip was over and we returned to the harbour as the sun disappeared behind the gathering clouds.
Marie, Orca-Magic