Zodiac Wildlife Adventure Sept 26 2pm

September 26, 2010

There were Transient Killer Whales reported out west of the harbour, Sunday afternoon, so Skipper Mark headed the 2pm Zodiac in that direction. Local and international guests were on board and they were in for a spectacular trip. It was a rather overcast day but the wildlife was present despite the mist and clouds of the west coast. Initially, we came across two Transients, T 49’s off Albert Head, a male and female. They eventually joined four other Transients that were milling close to three Humpback Whales. The trio of Humpbacks was a mother and calf and a sub adult. The presence of the Transients created some tension for the Humpbacks. We could see and hear the activity. Trumpeting and tail slapping by the Humpbacks indicated that they were somewhat stressed by the Orca’s curiosity. We could see dorsal fins slicing through the water close to the humpback whales. It was thrilling to watch these two species interact, knowing that this was a rare event in these waters. Eventually the Transient Orca moved off and headed west, while the Humpbacks moved in a southward direction. It was another amazing wildlife trip in these rich waters off Victoria.
Marie, Orca-Magic