Zodiac Wildlife Adventure Sept 29 3pm

September 29, 2010

Zodiac Wildlife Adventure

We set off at 3 pm with Radar at the helm on what felt like a perfect summer day! Conditions were perfect for a zodiac adventure and I was long over due. On today’s trip we headed east to Henry Island where members of Lpod were widely spread across Haro Strait. Guests had their breaths taken away by one of the largest males – Mega L41 who’s own breath and dorsal fin cut through the water so perfectly. Breaths were all around us. A bit further into the distance, we caught glimpses of two orca playing; either mother and calf or a calf and another older orca (who I was unable to identify as today I was shooting HD video only and didn’t use my telephoto lens so didn’t catch a decent ID). The two clearly were having a blast, and treated us to a double breach! Spyhops, rolls, silly tail slapping and more fun social behavior. Upon reviewing the video footage, you can clearly see the older orca spitting water over the calfs head. This is the first time I have ever seen such behavior, not that it doesn’t happen but it was my first time and what a treat to see such playful silly behavior between orcas. At the end of the trip we also caught a glimpse of the new Lpod calf L115 swimming with mother L47. The waters of Haro Strait were reflecting the perfect sun like a mirror onto our faces as we returned back to Victoria, it was a perfect trip!