Community Support & Sponsorship

Prince of Whales Whale Watching is committed to supporting a variety of causes and local communities.  We offer donations of our ‘Ocean Magic’ adventures which can then be auctioned off at events. Due to the volume of requests received, certain criteria must be met in order to be considered:

  • Please allow at least 6 weeks between the date of your request and the date of your event
  • Prince of Whales Whale Watching only considers requests from organizations who are raising money for use within British Columbia
  • Prince of Whales Whale Watching will only consider projects aligned with our commitment to environmental and conservation initiatives, Sports Teams, Youth at Risk or organizations within the health & medical field.
  • Donated products must be auctioned off and not used as a door prize or event giveaway.
  • Prince of Whales Whale Watching must be appropriately represented in signage, printed materials, advertising or program mention.
  • Prince of Whales Whale Watching does not make cash donations

ALL requests MUST be submitted online and will be reviewed bi-weekly. Only those organizations whose request has been approved will be contacted. We wish you success with your fundraising initiatives.

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