New Distance Guidelines for Whale Watching

At Prince of Whales Whale Watching, what motivated the inception of our journey–and what continues to guide us every day–is a sense of responsibility for where we live, including the wildlife we encounter on every tour. From North Pacific seabirds to island-dwelling deer, ocean-bathing sea lions, and our majestic cetaceans, nothing incites more passion for environmental concern. Understandably, we want to do everything we can to assure these animals are able to enjoy the place they call home.

The Brass Tacks of Wildlife Photography

Whale watching, in particular, makes photography notably difficult. What some may not know precisely because of the bounty of phenomenal professional whale photography on the internet, is that orcas and other cetaceans only fleetingly surface.

New Mercury Engine SeaPro Series Installed on Zodiacs

When looking at whale research, under-water sound is a huge factor in considering cetacean health and wellbeing. Most whales use a variation of their own pitches to socialize and communicate with eachother, as well as to locate their food. The noises they make vary from clicks and whistles to pulsed calls.

CK-9: the Conservation Canines

What is the best way to track the behaviors of marine life? We’ll bet ‘canines’ isn’t the first answer that comes to mind. But that’s exactly what a program called CK-9 Orca Skat has implemented through The University of Washington’s Center for Conservation Biology.

Experience Race Rocks Ecological Reserve

Whether you’ve been on an eco-tour of the Salish Sea with the Prince of Whales Whale Watching or you’ve browsed through some of the stunning imagery on our social media channels, it’s likely you’ve seen the ethereal beauty of the Race Rock Ecological Reserve. 

Memories of a Whale Watcher’s Daughter

It was a bright, cloudless day in early April and we were seated on the sun-drenched deck of the Prince of Whales Whale Watching’s stunning, 95 passenger Salish Sea Dream catamaran. Elspeth McGillivray, the daughter of this Victoria-staple company’s owner, Alan, was here to speak with us about growing up under her entrepreneurial father, and to offer her own insight into the ever-evolving operations behind this family-owned, eco-adventure business.

World Oceans Day 2018!

Taking a bold environmental stance in response to the ever-expanding conservation research, the City of Vancouver has announced a ban on plastic straws. This proclamation comes in lockstep with World Oceans Day, a global awareness day with an annually rotating theme. In 2018, that theme is the accumulation of plastic in our big blue.

5 Fascinating Animals of the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is known for the ethereal beauty of its great outdoors. The abrupt summits and serene waters intersect with hues of luminous greens and deep blues––of the like to inspire one of the great artists of our time: Emily Carr. However, unlike the equally stunning landscapes of far-flung regions like Madagascar, the Congo, or Costa Rica, our wildlife get less of the global limelight.

Marine Conservation: More Than Just A Catchphrase

Marine Conservation. Ecology Preservation. Sometimes it’s difficult to see these words as more than mere catchphrases. But we’ve grown to believe in the genuine meaning behind them. When your days are spent on the water, you not only develop a relationship with the life below you, but a love for the environment that encompasses that marine life.