Marine Conservation: More Than Just A Catchphrase

Marine Conservation. Ecology Preservation. Sometimes it’s difficult to see these words as more than mere catchphrases. But we’ve grown to believe in the genuine meaning behind them. When your days are spent on the water, you not only develop a relationship with the life below you, but a love for the environment that encompasses that marine life.

Engine Innovation

Prince of Whales Whale Watching is constantly searching for ways to update its vessels and lead in innovation. Its newest in-operation vessel, the Salish Sea Dream was fitted with jets in place of props to propel it on the water safely and efficiently.

Spieden Island

As the legend goes, John Wayne used to venture to this beautiful island with his Seattle-based hunting pals to stalk ‘wild’ big game on their newly claimed geographic spoil. Many say that giraffe, tigers, and kangaroos were brought to the island by these adventurists as they sought to create an exotic land that was near to home.

Yukusam: A Rare Sperm Whale Sighting

As the first month of the 2018 Prince of Whales Whale Watching season entered into full force, excitement was abuzz around the office. Sperm Whales haven’t been spotted in B.C.’s coastal waters since 1984, but rumours had surfaced that one was cruising in the Johnstone Strait.

Our 25th Year!

We’ve got an exciting summer ahead of us! This year, Prince of Whales Whale Watching enters its 25th year of eco-adventure tourism and Whale Watching on the coastal waters of BC.