Whales, Wildlife and Wonderful Sightings

Sunday brought us calm conditions and sunny skies. To make things even better, all of our trips saw whales, some trips even saw two different species! J and K pod of the Southern Resident Killer Whales were seen in close proximity to the Humpbacks and our afternoon trips happened upon Transient Orca as well. These whales were displaying active behaviour such as tail slapping.  The Southbound Adventure Crossing from Vancouver saw 5 eagles in one spot, these beautiful birds have a wing span of up to 2.3 meters!! The wildlife was seen in such a close area that our tours didn’t have to travel far to see a variety of different species including: Harbour porpoise, Harbour seals and their pups, Elephant Seals, California and Stellar sea lions, Great Blue Herons, Oyster Catchers, Cormorants and Bald Eagles. too name a few!! Passengers from Skipper Marek’s came back ecstatic into the suit room as one of the passengers caught a photo of a breaching Humpback and they got to see a Harbour Porpoise jump out of the water with a salmon in his mouth!!  As the weekend wraps up we couldn’t be happier with what we saw. Come visit our office tomorrow and book a trip of a lifetime!