Great End to July

What an interesting day of sightings out on the Salish Sea. Skipper Bo came into the office raving about a Phalarope bird he saw hanging out along the tide lines. These birds are just starting to be seen and are known for feasting upon sea bugs. Cool! Now for the whale update: Today we saw Transient Orca on our crossing from Vancouver as well as Resident Orca and not one but three Humpbacks! The Killer Whales and Humpbacks were seen in close proximity today, this is quite an unusual experience as Skipper Satch pointed out to his passengers returning from their trip. The Humpbacks were seen communicating with each other by displaying active behaviour such as pectoral slaps. As the month of July wraps up with a 97%  success rate and over 400 trips on the water we cannot wait to see what August has in store for us. Forecast is calling for a sunny long weekend, come say hi and join us on a trip of a life time!