Humpbacks and Orca’s!

Yet another day with both Killer Whales and Humpbacks! We’ve been getting spoiled recently because seeing both species has become such a regular occurrence. The Humpbacks were giving a great show, regularly showing us their flukes just before dives. Despite their regular dives, they didn’t seem to move very far– we could just sit with our engines off and enjoy! The Killer Whales, on the other hand spent much of their day foraging off San Juan. Even the Harbor Seals (I prefer “Rock Sausages”) got in on the action as The Ocean Magic II got a good show from a pair having a territorial brawl. For our Zodiac Skippers, the highlight of the day was taking out the U21 Canadian National Field Hockey Team. Judging by the looks of elation on their faces, I would say they enjoyed their tours almost as much as our Skippers enjoyed having them on-board!