July 29th 2015

Our fleet of open-air, purpose built, zodiac-style vessels are Victoria’s largest and safest. Equipped with bright yellow inflatable collars, this stable design cushions your ride and guarantees maximum buoyancy even if the sea conditions are rough. With aerodynamic aluminum hulls and reliable twin two-hundred horsepower Mercury engines, our vessels are able to cover over one hundred miles in one trip. This maximizes the distance you can travel on your tour and the amount of time you are ultimately able to spend viewing whales and other marine wildlife.

Your tour will last a minimum of three hours and will include various stops at different points of interest within the protected waters of Haro Strait and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. While on scene with whales and other marine wildlife, the vessel will be positioned parallel to the animals allowing for excellent photo opportunities. All the while, you will be fully entertained and educated by the industry’s best and brightest marine adventure guides.