Super Pod, Superb Day

Vancouver Ocean Magic cruised through the Strait of Georgia stopping briefly to view a stellar sea lion munching on a salmon before heading to the whale action. They were then surprised by 2 humpbacks before making there way to view resident killer whales foraging for salmon. The fun didn’t end there though! Today we were greeted by a SUPER POD! This means that the whole of the southern resident population were together, a total of 81 killer whales! This is something that we have seen only a couple of time this summer. And to think things couldn’t get better…. we also saw minke whales, and humpbacks!! One of the humpbacks took many of our skippers by interest as it had markings very similar to that of a grey whale. There was even some speculation on the radio of it being a humpback grey whale hybrid albeit only for a few minutes. Come out tomorrow to see if we can have another day as spectacular as today!!