Transients, Minkes, Residents… and Humpbacks!

I’m sure you are getting used to hearing about these incredible 3 whale trips… Well, today we decided to amp it up and found 4 different types of whales! That’s right 4! Absolutely phenomenal. Not only were we able to see a variety of different whales, but the transient whales T137’s and T36’s put on quite a display. Every single trip came back raving about their tour. Head Skipper Mallard got so caught up in his tour as he “kept on finding whales” that he extended the trip to spend extra with the whales. While visiting Race Rocks marine ecological reserve we were able to see what photographer Marie describes as hundreds of Sea Lions. To top off this day we got to see a Sea Otter, these furry animals are always a pleasant yet rare surprise. We can’t wait to see what the weekend has in store, come and join us for a trip of a lifetime.