Whales, Whales and More Whales!!

Today could not have been more awesome. Vancouver Ocean Magic started out optimistic and found J-pod near Vancouver. Captain Anthony said that he had synchronized breaching on either side of the boat, one of which was a large male! Our head Skipper Mark is back from his holiday and went out at 9.00am to find resident killer whales and humpbacks. Multiple different groups of humpbacks were spotted today, and some boats even saw a humpback swim under a group of kayakers. Skipper Rush said the most interesting part of his day was seeing a massive freighter boat go near a group of whales when one of the killer whales popped up and started riding the wake of the freighter which was travelling approximately 24 knots. Granny the oldest living killer whale also made an appearance, Granny is the matriarch of J pod and is estimated to be  103 years old. All in all a day full of whale sightings and calm waters.