Whales with a side of Chop

It seems as though these sightings reports are getting quite repetitive, however, we can’t complain as this means that sightings are continuing to be fantastic. This morning, our Victoria boats pulled out of the harbour expecting to head out to San Juan Island, a hot spot for many of the Southern Resident Killer Whales when a passenger eagerly shouted “WHALES”. Much to our surprise, we spotted a group of transients the T101’s right off of Oak Bay Beach Hotel!! Things started to heat up after that, our Vancouver Ocean Magic chanced upon a humpback, and our later trips saw both Transient and Resident Killer Whales – some trips even saw multiple breaches! It was quite windy out today, making for some wet Zodiac passengers on the return, but Skipper Marek was quick to remark that his passengers were “super keen to get wet and adventurous on some gnarly waves”. All in all today provided a variety of sightings and conditions making for never a dull moment.