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Celebrating Community Impact
March 12, 2024

Celebrating Community Impact

Prince of Whales

We are thrilled to announce our receipt of the Community Involvement and Impact Award at the recent BCTIC Conference Gala. This award honors our dedication to supporting organizations and initiatives that enrich our communities!

We were also honoured to sponsor the BC Woman of the Year Award, won this year by Ingrid Jarrett, and presented by our General Manager, Elspeth McGillivray!

From sports to healthcare and environmental conservation, our contributions have made a tangible difference. We’ve sponsored teams like the Victoria Royals and the Women’s Curling team “Reese-Hansen”, and this year, we’re proud to support Out for Kicks and the Harbour Cats, championing diversity in sports. we are deeply invested in the promotion of tourism and sustainable development. Our partnerships with Destination Greater Victoria, Destination Vancouver, and Destination Vancouver Island North aim to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of our regions while fostering responsible tourism practices. As active members of organizations such as the Wilderness Tourism Association and 4VI, we are committed to preserving our natural landscapes and promoting eco-friendly tourism initiatives.

Our donations to organizations like the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver and the Special Olympics BC have helped improve healthcare accessibility, and our involvement with NIMMSA, PWWA and the WCA help us regulate wildlife viewing, promoting conservation. Active involvement in boards like the WTA and 4VI reflects our commitment to shaping positive change. Receiving the Community and Impact Award underscores our belief in the power of collective action to create a better world.

As we continue our journey, we remain dedicated to making a meaningful difference in our communities, one initiative at a time.

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