It is at the heart of what we do

We couldn’t operate Prince of Whales without, you guessed it, whales. They’re why we do what we do, so we’re protective of our marine family! They’re an extension of us, which is why we’re committed to safe, environmentally conscious whale watching. From the people we hire, invest in and collaborate with to our operations and investments, everything we do is for the betterment of these whales.

The Pacific Whale Watching Association

As a founding member of the Pacific Whale Watching Association, Prince of Whales has been at the forefront of important discussions with other like-minded operators, governmental regulatory bodies, and NGOs since 1995. These progressive conversations have led to the development of a dynamic set of local whale and wildlife viewing guidelines called the Be Whale Wise Guidelines. These guidelines are reviewed and adapted each year and are based on the best available science.