Suit up in a Mustang Survival Suit, take a selfie, and get on board one of our 12-passenger Zodiacs for our most intimate, adrenalin-pumping whale-watching adventure! Hold on to your hat and brace yourself for a refreshing spray of sea air as your Zodiac takes off alongside harbour planes, cutting through our pristine waters in search of orcas and humpback whales. With a seasoned captain as your guide, you’re in safe hands. 


This private adventure is a 3 to 3.5-hour fully-guided whale watching & wildlife viewing tour departing from Downtown Victoria, on a 12-passenger open-air Zodiac-style boat.

Bring your bubble for an amazing adventure!

The boat will be reserved exclusively for your group (up to 12 guests).  For private bookings over 12 people please contact 1.888.383.4884

Starting at$800.00* CAD/ Boat See Seasonal Rates

2021 Season
Year Round
$800.00* CAD
*+ Conservation Fee & Tax

*+ Conservation Fee & Tax. Seasonal rates may apply.

About the experience...

  • Fully-guided whale watching & marine wildlife tour. Opportunity to observe different species of whales in the wild, sea birds and other marine wildlife. Guided by 1 Transport Canada certified marine naturalist, who will also be your boat driver.
  • Year-round Whale Sighting Guarantee. In the unlikely case that we do not see whales, you can join us on another whale watching tour for free.
  • An exciting ride soaring up to 55 km/h (35 m/h) in a high-speed, open-air, rigid-hull inflatable zodiac.
  • To ensure your comfort, all-weather exposure suits, hats, gloves and goggles will be provided.

Cancellation Policy

*Please see our COVID-19 Update here for information regarding future bookings*

This adventure has a hassle-free 48-hour cancellation policy. Just contact us at least 48 hours prior to your adventure departure to cancel and receive a full refund, no questions asked. Groups of 10+ guests are subject to a 72-hour cancellation policy. Promotional (discounted) bookings are final sale.

We reserve the right to delay or cancel a departure if there are fewer than 6 guests reserved at the time of departure or in case of events beyond our control (adverse weather conditions, technical or mechanical issues etc.).

Prepare For Your Adventure

windbreaker<br />jacket
Warm<br />Sweater
Long<br />Pants
Closed-toe<br />Shoes

It gets cold out on the water (trust us!), so we recommend windbreaker jackets, sweaters, long pants, and closed-toe shoes. We will also provide you with warm all-weather exposure suits to wear on top of your clothes. Gloves & hats will also be available upon request.

It’s also a good idea to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a tight-fitting hat, a camera to capture some memorable moments and, above all, your sense of adventure!

This adventure is not suitable for anyone with a history of serious medical conditions, including but not limited to, back or neck injuries, recent surgery, and/or current or suspected pregnancy. Passengers under 4ft/120cm in height or 50lb/23kg in weight also cannot join (typically applies to children under 7 y.o.).

Each passenger is required to sign a Release of Liability at check-in. Participants must be 19 years of age or require a parent or guardian to sign on their behalf.

The boat used for this adventure is not wheelchair accessible.

Downtown Victoria Adventure Centre

812 Wharf St, Victoria, BC V8W 1T3, Canada

The Victoria Adventure Centre is located below the Visitor Information Centre, next to Milestones restaurant across the street from Fairmont Empress hotel.

Please remember to check-in 30 minutes before your adventure.




Do tours run in all types of weather?

Tours operate rain or shine! Safety is our priority and, in extreme weather conditions or high winds, adventures may be cancelled at the discretion of our qualified crew. We will be in touch should this be the case.

Will we really see whales?

Yes! There is a high chance of seeing orcas, humpbacks, and other types of whale on your tour. Our year-round whale sighting success rate is ~95% (averaged across all of our adventures) with chances being even higher during summer months.

What happens if we don’t see a whale?

This adventure is covered by our year-round Year-Round Whale Sighting Guarantee. In the unlikely case, we do not see whales on this adventure, you can join us on another whale watching tour. This guarantee is valid for a lifetime!

When is the best time of day for watching whales?

There really is no better time of day for whale sightings, as the whales do not run on a schedule as we do! The whales are active throughout the day and their behaviour changes as groups encounter each other. If you are looking for the best scenic light for photography choose morning departure.

Are there bathrooms on the Zodiacs?

No, the RHIBs are open-air boats, and therefore do not have washrooms on board. We recommend that you use the public washrooms (located next to our office) before your departure.

Do passengers often feel seasick?

No, our boats are custom-built for whale watching with passengers in mind. Captain and crew will also do their best to minimize the impact of the sea. However, if you are prone to seasickness, we recommend you purchase non-drowsy Gravol from a pharmacy prior to your adventure with us.

Are there snacks or beverages available on board the Catamarans?

Yes! Complimentary tea, coffee & hot chocolate will be available on board. Light snacks (chips, cookies and chocolate bars) can be purchased with CAD cash. You can also bring your own snacks.

Can I bring a camera on a Zodiac?

Yes! Bring your camera and/or video camera to capture the experience. We also recommend that you bring a plastic bag or other waterproof case to keep your camera safe and dry during transit. The boat will come to a complete stop for photo opportunities.

Are Zodiac adventures safe?

Yes, all of our captains and boats are certified by Transport Canada. Zodiacs move fast but are very stable. There will be no 360-degree turns on this tour. These adventures are designed for fast sightseeing and not a thrill park ride.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Reservations are definitely recommended. Adventures often sell out and we don’t want you to be disappointed.

  • Reviews

    Will be taking the rest of my family when I can! The tour was fantastic and a great deal for the money. The naturalists Valerie and Rory definitely know their stuff and it was wonderful to see them genuinely excited about their job and the animals we encountered. They were very friendly and they made sure that I was comfortable.

    Rory gets a super shout out because he sent me the photos of the experience that he took, on his super duper proper camera (that's not part of his job and he went above and beyond his duties to do this). This meant I was able to sit and enjoy the experience without fussing over my camera.

    Those gorgeous photos will be a treasured keepsake for years to come of my adventure seeing orcas, a hump back and seals. The weather was amazing on our trip and the water was like a mirror. The photos Rory took are astounding. When my lil baby is born, I'll show them the orca pictures. Babies like black and white pictures!

    Thank you to Captain Bill and Captain Chris! We would never have made it without you :)

    The photo is one I took. Rory's were far more majestic (and in focus)

    Posted on 6/19/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Great Trip...... A good trip where 3 of our party thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip both scenery and whale spotting. Whilst I was somewhat underwhelmed as in the 3.5 hours on the water, total time seeing a part of a whale was about 5-10 minutes. There were no whales jumping out of the water. The Prince if Whales guys wer3 great and tried their absolute best to locate the Whales which they did. It was as it said on the tin.

    Posted on 8/07/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    5 hour cruise 3 okt 2019 Loved the view das 3 humpback Shakespeare Some sealions, seals and seabirds. Great tour with loads of info by james and Wilma. Enjoyed our day. Thanks guys!

    Tom and Liesbeth

    Posted on 10/04/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Saw many whales! We chose this excursion to see the whales in British Columbia. The boat took us around and we got to seem them all around. I had a chance to take photos. They served beverages and food.

    Posted on 8/06/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Unforgettable!!!! Went out on this trip today, July 11.
    Although it was a very overcast day we had an amazing time.
    We were impressed with how all Covid 19 precautions were followed and the clear explanation of this to guests.
    Safety instructions were also every clear.
    All the staff were AWESOME and so knowledgable, I learnt so much even though I have lived here almost my whole life.
    We were lucky enough to see two seperate grey whale mothers with their calves, so special and we also saw four more grey's and seals etc., amazing.
    I feel so lucky to have had this experience, one of those times when you put the camara down and just be in the moment, so special. I can not recommend this enough. All my visitors to town will be headed to Prince of Whales for sure. I have gone whale watching in the past but I recommend Prince of Whales by far, their attention to detail was noticable which made for this an unforgettable experience.
    I did not see any orcas so I guess I'll just have to go again😊 then I can to cross the off my list too. I will be back.
    Thank you again to all the staff!!

    Posted on 7/11/2020 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Awesome Really well organised, brilliant expert advice regarding wildlife matters. Superb customer service to enhance the experience.

    Posted on 10/07/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    The perfect day This tour has the perfect combination for a perfect day out in Victoria. Starting with the whale and wildlife tour on the boat with knowledgeable and friendly staff and ending with the glamour of the Butchard gardens. They take care of you from beginning to end and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I think I will have to come back and do this every year! Thank you very much.

    Posted on 7/03/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Paul Handley We had Rush take us out and had the most amazing time. Beautiful evening, and learned a ‘boat’ load. Thank you Rush!! You are ace!

    Posted on 9/07/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Wow! What an awesome experience! First, set your expectations. You're searching for wold animals that move and think on their own. This is not the zoo. That said, the captain & crew are actively working and searching to out the passengers in a position where animals are seen or reported.

    We had the joy of seeing 2 different pods of orcas and even witnessed them feeding. It was amazing to watch these creatures in the wild. This is definitely NOT sea world!

    Shout out to Stu and the rest of the crew for patience, passion, and persistence in putting us in the right place.

    Posted on 9/21/2019 via TripAdvisor
  • Reviews

    Awesome, Family-orietated sea adventure in December! An exciting sea cruise in a 12 seater Zodiac with cushioned seats & 400 horsepower outboard engines sped us along towards the coast of the USA, on a calm, lovely December day. We were kitted out in professional water/windproof flotation survival suits, which you do need to stay warm & dry. Our host/skipper was Mark, friendly & courteous & when he was busy it was on the radio trying to get a better fix on some Orca pods, south-east of Victoria and a long way out. We did see 2-3 Pods of Orcas and the big Male Orca dived just under the bow, wow! The Orcas were close enough to see with the naked eye & did not seem to mind our presence at all. Do take a telephoto lens if you can. The Orcas themselves are awesome, beautiful & each is different, with Mark knowing the name/label of each one. Then back we came at 4:30pm to Rock island to see the Sealions and from there, we saw 2 more Orca Pods of 2-3 whales chasing some seals. The Seals lost, but we were too far away to make out any details! A high speed return got us back to Victoria & some free hot chocolate. A wonderful experience for our Family. Highly recommended.

    Posted on 12/28/2019 via TripAdvisor