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Why Whales Breach
July 20, 2023

Why Whales Breach

Prince of Whales

If you did not notice, we are very passionate about whales, and they never stop to fascinate us! Among their most well-known displays is breaching – the act of propelling themselves out of the water and splashing back in. In this blog, we delve into the intriguing world of breaching, focusing on humpback whales, killer whales, and other whale species, exploring the reasons behind this beautiful phenomenon and the significance it holds in the realm of marine life.

Breaching is an extraordinary spectacle to witness, and humpback whales are renowned for their acrobatic leaps. These enormous creatures launch themselves out of the water, twisting and turning mid-air before crashing back into the ocean with a resounding splash. Researchers have long sought to understand the reasons behind this behavior, which remains an enigma in the world of marine biology, but here are some of the reason that could be behind it:

  1. Communication and Social Behavior: One of the prevailing theories regarding whale breaching is that it serves as a form of communication and social interaction. Whales may breach to convey messages to other members of their pod, signal excitement, or assert dominance. Observations have shown that breaching is often synchronized among a group of whales, suggesting it could be a collective display with specific social functions.
  2. Attracting Mates and Reproduction: For some whale species, breaching might play a role in courtship and attracting potential mates. Humpback whales, in particular, are known to breach during mating season, possibly as part of their mating rituals. The impressive display of power and agility demonstrated through breaching might serve as a means for males to demonstrate their fitness to potential female partners.
  3. Clearing Parasites and Skin Conditions: Another intriguing reason behind whale breaching is the possible desire to rid themselves of skin parasites and other skin conditions. The forceful impact of breaching could help dislodge barnacles, lice, and other unwanted hitchhikers that attach themselves to the whales’ skin and slow them down.
  4. Navigation and Orientation: In the vast and open ocean, sound travels much faster and farther than in the air. When whales breach, the splash creates a loud sound that can be heard underwater for long distances. This could help lost or disoriented whales navigate back to their pod or communicate with other groups.
  5. Natural Instinct and Playfulness: Not all theories about why whales breach are tied to a specific purpose. Some researchers believe that breaching may simply be a natural instinct or a way for whales to display their strength and vitality. Additionally, breaching might serve as a form of play, especially among young whales, as they develop their physical skills and coordination.

Whatever the reasons might be, we just love to watch these gentle giants jump out of the water, and you’re going to love it as well, so jump on a tour with us!

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