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Prince of Whales wouldn’t be able to operate without whales, marine wildlife, or healthy oceans. These creatures are an extension of our organization and our team, which is why we’re committed to safe, environmentally conscious whale watching and marine wildlife viewing. That is why we are proud to provide guests and the community with educational programs that aim to educate younger people about the importance of conservation.

A whale and wildlife-watching tour with Prince of Whales is more than just a sightseeing cruise. It is an educational and inspirational experience aboard our floating classrooms. We aim to teach every guest who joins us about the natural beauty of our local waters and all the creatures that live within it. By bringing young ones out on the water and letting them experience the majesty of the Salish Sea for themselves, we are inspiring future generations of environmental stewards and protectors of the ocean. Seeing whales and other marine wildlife in their natural habitat is a transformative experience and we aim to share it with as many people as possible.

Find out more about our educational programs:

Sea Smart Workshops

We have partnered with Sea Smart to bring students in the Greater Vancouver area educational programs aimed at sustainability and conservation, with a specific focus on killer whales. Fin all the resources and workshops by clicking below!

Junior Naturalists Course

Our Junior Naturalists Course is developed to teach kids in British Columbia all about the magnificent wildlife in the Pacific North West. The course is downloadable and printable, and offers a variety of entertaining activities! Find more about it by clicking below!

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