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Best Things to do in Vancouver, Canada
January 23, 2024

Best Things to do in Vancouver, Canada

Prince of Whales

Contributed by Abia Rai

Positioning itself as one of the most vibrant cities in Canada, Vancouver is a perfect destination for enthusiasts of adventure, history, and especially those with a passion for food and culture. A plethora of activities and attractions await you here, ranging from untamed nature to sandy beaches, museums to aquariums, and mountains to waterfalls with your Canada visit visa. Vancouver caters to everyone’s interests. With an abundance of things to do and see, we have selected the top experiences in Vancouver.

Cross thе Capilano Suspеnsion Bridgе

Capilano Suspеnsion Bridgе has bееn a popular tourist spot sincе 1883. It is locatеd just a 15-minutе drivе from downtown Vancouvеr. The bridge is 450-foot-long and 230-foot-high offering magnificent views of shimmering Capilano River beneath it. Overall, it is thrilling, exciting, and provides a great experience.

Spend your day at Stanely Park

Stanely Park spans nearly 1000 acres! Home to the city’s top attractions and the best things to do in Vancouver, this park is a must-visit. You can spend an entire day here and still not explore everything. Walk, jog, or cycle, Stanely Park is a wonderful spot for a family day out.

Delight in soaking up the sun at Kitsilano Beach

Vacouverities love to enjoy the shore of Kitsilano Beach when the weather is pleasant. This location stands out as the premier swimming spot in the city, offering accessibility with an on-site beach mat and complimentary water wheelchairs. But do remember, the beach can get quite crowded during summer.

Amuse yourself at Science World

This oceanfront orb is an absolute retreat to the eyes. Science World is a geodesic dome housing a multi-story science exploration space. At this destination, you and your children can engage in interactive learning galleries, explore captivating science exhibits, and enjoy a presentation on the largest domed screen globally—the Omnimax Theatre.

Witness the world of sea creatures at the Vancouver Aquarium

Located within Stanley Park, it is Canada’s largest aquarium. Housing an impressive collection of over 65,000 aquatic creatures, this facility is a habitat for swimming sea lions, with one individual weighing nearly 1,900 pounds, as well as sea otters, and various other marine life. The Vancouver Aquarium is worth a visit due to its well-known marine conservation programs and educational activities!

Shop at the Granville Island Public Market

Vancouver’s freshest market, Granville Island Public Market draws not just locals but also popular chefs. You will find plenty of shops selling bread, fresh sausages, vegetables, and more. It is a great place to grab some good goodies!

Explore diverse plant species at Vandusen Botanical Garden

Vandusen Botanical Garden is often referred to as a hidden gem in Vancouver. Spanning across 55 acres, the garden is split into several sections. These also include a stone garden and a hedge maze. The highlight of the park is the Laburnum Walk, a pathway adorned with lush Laburnum branches.

Find your outdoor escape at Grouse Mountain

With views spanning the entire city (on a clear day), Grouse Mountain has always been a popular outdoor getaway. It offers year-round activities such as Grouse Grind – known as ‘Mother Nature’s Strairmaster’ and ski adventures during winter.

Discover the history at the Museum of Vancouver

As the largest civic museum in Canada and the oldest in Vancouver, this museum offers an ideal setting to delve into the city’s history. It intricately showcases Vancouver’s evolution from a small town to a vibrant and multicultural metropolis within Canada.

Retreat your taste buds at the Richmond Night Market

If you are in Vancouver during summer, take a stroll to Richmond Night Market. It is the largest outdoor market with over 110 food stalls serving more than 600 dishes and drinks from across the world. How cool and mouth-watering is that!

Explore the bustling Yaletown

Another unique night hot spot of Vancouver, Yaletown is often compared to SoHo of New York City. The area features restaurants, hotels, chic boutiques, and more. There are lots of dining and drinking choices with different price ranges.

Go whale watching with Prince of Whales

One of the best things to do in Vancouver is to go on a whale watching cruise with Prince of Whales. You’ll be able to see various whales including humpbacks as well as seals, otters, and ocean birds. Book your tickets with us and dive into the majestic world of sea life!

Take a stroll through Lynn Canyon

The best escape from the bustling streets of Vancouver, Lynn Canyon is a beautiful natural walk. It also takes you to one of the most spectacular suspension bridges in Vancouver making you spend an entire day amid the wild.

Wander around Gastown

The oldest area and a unique neighbourhood to explore, Gastown offers picture-perfect streets to capture. With old European-style streets lined with cafes, bars, and boutique shops, you will always find something to do in Gastown.

Discover Deep Cove

Deep Cove is 30 minutes by car from downtown Vancouver. It has nice cafes, art galleries, restaurants, and a beautiful park by the waterbody. For the best deserts, try Honey Donuts and Goodies and for craft beers, head to Deep Cove Brewing.

Enjoy kayaking in False Creek

False Creek, a slender inlet that divides neighbourhoods like Yaletown, offers numerous activities to explore. However, the best thing to do is go kayaking. The tranquil waters provide gorgeous views of the city while also giving an opportunity to see seals and other widlife.

Embark on a boat tour to Granite Falls with Sea Vancouver

This is one of the most underrated things to do in Vancouver. A boat tour to Granite Falls takes around three attractions. The vessel, known as a Zodiac boat, guides you through False Creek, Stanley Park, and Lion’s Gate Bridge, culminating in your ultimate destination at Granite Falls. Avail your seats with the best-in-town Sea Vancouver for an eventful boat tour.

Hike the famous ‘The Cheif’

The Chief is a popular hiking trail located one hour from Vancouver. Your hike starts on a wide trail that quickly becomes a steep staircase. You go up the staircase to where another trail, the Sea to Summit Trail, that intersects the main path. At this point, you stay on the main Chief trail heading towards one of its three mountain peaks.

Admire the art at the Vancouver Art Gallery

Vancouver Art Gallery is a must-visit for anyone who loves art. It is a historic building where several movies were filmed. Here, you can find a collection of international and local art which are over 11,600 pieces. So, make sure you have plenty of time to explore this gallery.


Vancouver is synonymous with outdoor adventures, offering an abundance of lush forests and snow-capped peaks. There are bridges, boat tours, museums, science galleries, art galleries, and much more. You will literally have an endless list of things to do in Vancouver, but still miss out on some. However, these best things to do and see are assured to make the most of your trip. So, all you have to do is obtain your Canada visit visa and plan the ultimate trip ever!

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